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Tokenless Authentication

Tokenless Multi-factor Authentication for VPN, SSL, Remote Desktop, WiFi, web portals, laptop encryption and other solutions. The modern alternative to physical fobs/tokens.

SecurAccess v8.1 allows users to authenticate via a range of authentication options, including NFC ‘tap and go’, biometric fingerprint login, Push, SMS, smartphone apps, tablet apps, laptop apps and even QR codes.

Similarly to ApplePay and SamsungPay, SecurEnvoy have patented the authentication equivalent of ‘tap and go’ using NFC technology, resulting in two factor authentication now being even quicker than passwords, both online and offline.

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) brings two or more of the following together providing a stronger level of security, should one of these methods become compromised:

  • Something you know: Such as a password or PIN;
  • Something you are: Such as a fingerprint
  • Something you own: Such as a mobile device or wearable device.

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Authenticate On Any Device, Anywhere.

From logging into VPN, SSL, remote desktop, Wi-Fi and web, SecurAccess v8.1 allows users to move identity between devices whilst prioritising security. The solution can be implemented as an on premise software solution or hosted as part of a manged service or in the cloud. The solution is available to businesses at a fixed annual cost, flexible on a per user basis.

Award Winning End User Experience:

SC Magazine stated “The jury was particularly impressed by the solution’s ease of use and the range of channels available for distributing the numeric passcode” and gave SecurAccess the industry “2014 Best Buy” category.

Good security shouldn’t add complexity, SecurAccess is designed to keep authentication as easy as possible.

We also offer a fully managed hosted tokenless authentication service – click here for details.

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