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NEW: GDPR Awareness Training

Provide your employees with the knowledge and skills they need to keep your organisation compliant.
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Security Awareness Training & Testing

Stop End Users Causing Security Incidents

Proven and guaranteed to stop your end users from causing security incidents – which should be the main goal of running any security awareness program.

Employees are trained and tested at their desks. Fully managed, bespoke service. Includes reporting and targeted additional security awareness training for those who are vulnerable.
60-day money back Guarantee.

Next Gen Endpoint Protection

Current Antivirus Software can no longer fully protect your organisation from Ransomware, Cryptoware and unknown Malware.

PREDICTIVE not REACTIVE Endpoint Protection

Only Cylance fully protects Endpoints against Advanced Malware with the world’s first Antivirus built on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
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GDPR Gap Analysis

The deadline for all companies to become GDPR compliant is May 2018. We are offering and recommending all companies initially undertake a GDPR Gap Analysis.

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  • Why Infosec Cloud?

    We take time to understand your specific requirements and only then recommend the best services or solutions to meet your cyber security and compliance requirements. These can be cloud-based, on-premise or hybrid. We are technically-led, fully test all the services and solutions we offer, and provide both professional and technical support services. We are Cyber Essentials Plus accredited.

  • Solutions & Services

    We offer a range of flexible, cost-effective cyber security, compliance (including GDPR) and professional services to meet every size of organisation. We will assess your requirements and recommend the services or solutions that are the best fit for you. We also provide a fully managed Security Awareness Training and Testing service – guaranteed to stop IT end users causing security incidents.

  • Technical Support

    You will be allocated a dedicated account manager to provide you with a single point of contact for all our solutions and services. We understand that a robust SLA is critical so we’ll work with you to make sure we fully meet your needs. We provide a migration and optimisation service and offer ongoing support and knowledge transfer through our technical support portal.

  • Employee GDPR Awareness

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  • Meltdown and Spectre

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  • Tokenless Strong Authentication

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  • Email security specifically for SMEs

    Proofpoint Essentials offers ultimate email protection -
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