IT and Cyber Security Specialists
IT and Cyber Security Specialists

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Infosec Cloud is formed of cyber security experts who are best positioned to help your organisation find the right cyber solutions and services to fit your requirements.

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Cloud-based IT Security Reseller

Infosec Cloud | Cyber Security Specialists

Established in 2006, Infosec Cloud started out as an IT security provider with a deep top-down passion for protecting critical data and assets through people, process, technology and education.

For over 15 years, we have helped thousands of organisations of all sizes, across every sector, with an ever evolving range of IT and cyber security requirements.

Infosec Cloud is formed of cyber security experts, with a combined 50+ years of experience, who are ready to assist with your needs at whatever level.

What We Do

Cyber Security Awareness Vendor

Cyber Security Awareness

In 2014, Infosec Cloud unveiled Cyber Security Awareness, our vendor brand used to deliver our own fully managed services. Covering Security Awareness Training and Testing, GDPR Awareness, Dark Web Monitoring and more.

Having worked with over a thousand organisations across the globe, spanning over 250,000 end users, Cyber Security Awareness has grown to be the market-leading provider of fully managed Security Awareness Training and Testing.

Our Parent Company

Meet our Parent Company, Focus Group

In March 2020, Infosec Cloud were acquired by Focus Group, though remain a single trading entity. Focus Group is an award-winning business solutions provider in the UK, delivering scalable and powerful services across Voice, Mobile, Data, IT and Energy.

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