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Aerohive launches first 802.11ac Wi-Fi products

Date: Oct 1, 2013

Category: News Archive

New AP370 and AP390 access points will bring speeds of 1.3Gbps and can be mixed in with 802.11n networks to handle high density areas, as well as providing a smooth migration path to all-802.11ac networks in the future.

Aerohive has unveiled its first access points (APs) capable of supporting 802.11ac – the latest IEEE Wi-Fi standard, which will provide speeds of up to 1.3Gbps. The new AP370 and AP390 access points are designed to simplify the migration to 802.11ac, which uses the 5GHz spectrum band. All previous Wi-Fi products use the 2.4GHz unlicensed band.

Speaking to Wireless, Matthew Gast, director of product development at Aerohive, said: ‘The new products are our first 802.11ac APs, which will drive dense deployments and make them significantly better. We’ve worked hard to integrate the new standard into the rest of our systems, so customers can mix Wi-Fi standards and migrate to 802.11ac at a rate that suits them.

‘Not everybody requires the high level of density that 802.11ac provides throughout their network. We describe it as ‘salt and pepper’ – customers will use 802.11n products everywhere and sprinkle 802.11ac APs where they are needed in high density hotspots,’ he said.

Customers are therefore able to update their networks incrementally without needing to pay for more equipment than is required. Aerohive has also upgraded its network operating system, HiveOS, to allow 802.11ac and 80211.n APs to auto-adjust and easily co-exist, further simplifying the choice of where and how to deploy 802.11a.

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