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Aerohive provides easy-to-manage wireless LAN to retailer for warehouses, HQ and stores

Date: Aug 2, 2013

Category: Blog

Guest blog: by Sreekanth Kannan, Aerohive.

The Scottish Midland Co-operative Society Ltd., also known as Scotmid, needed a single wireless LAN solution capable of meeting the needs of three locations – warehouse, headquarters, and retail stores. Scotmid includes more than 260 retail stores, as well as more than 130 Semichem stores offering health and beauty supplies throughout the UK. The co-op also manages a funeral services division and a commercial and residential property division.

In the warehouse, inventory changes occur almost daily. The new wireless LAN would need to accommodate the changing environment, allowing pickers to roam freely throughout the warehouse without interference or connectivity issues. The WLAN would also need to be resilient to prevent costly downtime. While a Wi-Fi solution was an immediate requirement for the warehouse, Scotmid also recognized the need for wireless technology to support future applications at other locations as well. These included the co-op’s modern, three-story headquarters building and its retail stores. What Scotmid wanted was a single wireless LAN solution capable of meeting the needs of all three of these very different environments.

Scotmid liked Aerohive’s controller-less architecture because it reduced traffic, and because Aerohive’s Access Points are easy to install, easy to manage and cost-effective.

Please click here for more information on our cloud-managed wireless LAN services.

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