Are you considering a Wireless project at any time over the next year? If so, do you fancy getting a free Wireless Access Point from Aerohive?**

And having thorough technical instruction to configure the network settings?

Test Flight is a tailored technical program to allow you to meet with Aerohive technical experts and get hands on with Aerohive to configure, integrate and roll it out into any typical network scenario.

Exclusive Networks (see map)
Mill Lane
Alton, Hampshire
GU34 2QJ

What will be covered?
During this half day workshop, you will configure network settings yourself and experience how easy and simple it is to operate and deploy Aerohive’s Management Platform. You will learn the business benefits of a controller-less Wi-Fi solution and have the opportunity to discuss your specific business challenges direct with our specialists during the networking session at the end of the workshop.

You will learn how to:
* Complete a typical Wi-Fi network planning scenario
* Integrate Aerohive APs in the central management tool (HMOL)
* Create network policies that enable employees and guests on your network
* Configure auto provisioning – an easy roll out of APs without any pre-configuration

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** Qualified attendees will receive a no obligation free Aerohive AP with a HiveManager Online account valid for 3 years. Click here for details.