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Aerohive Networks

Cooperative Control WiFi Architecture

Aerohive and Apple

Aerohive delivers an enterprise Wi-Fi infrastructure solution that enhances the Apple mobile device connectivity experience.
And takes only minutes to deploy.

Aerohive products “just work” and are typically 50% less expensive than more complex, less-capable alternatives.

Experience a high quality Wi-Fi connected Apple Device Experience:

1. Aerohive APs were designed from the ground-up to support a high-density mobile device environment with superior range and throughput.

2. Aerohive’s cloud-based network management system, called “HiveManager” has policy-based management and is flexible, sophisticated and easy enough for any market and situation, making it map well across all Apple markets.

3. Like Apple products, Aerohive’s Wi-Fi infrastructure was designed to “just work” through a simple, elegant and breakthrough architecture.

4. Aerohive’s unique decentralised Cooperative Control architecture enables feature-rich, secure, enterprise-class Wi-Fi infrastructure without the deployment complexity, high costs, and scalability and reliability limitations of today’s de facto standard controller-based model, because with Aerohive, you don’t need a controller.

5. Aerohive’s feature set is customised uniquely to enhance the Apple device experience.

Case study: Haymarket Media Group Creates Mobile Foundation with Aerohive Networks

Find out how Haymarket achieved:

*  A secure, wireless foundation for the company’s growing mobile estate – supporting tablets, smartphones and laptops across multiple operating systems.
*  Centralised management and control of its international estate, from one office location in the UK.
*  Powerful and flexible identity-based security, access control, and quality-of-service (QoS) policies for all users, including guests.
*  Controller-less architecture provides ease of deployment and scalability to enable ‘pop-up’ networks during events and projects.

Click here to download the full case study.

Email [email protected] for more information or call 01256 379970.

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