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Infosec Cloud partners with SilverFort to expand Zero Trust Network Access offering

Infosec Cloud partners with SilverFort to deliver unified identity protection as they build out a complete Zero Trust Network Access offering. SilverFort natively integrates with all existing IAM solutions to extend secure access controls and consolidate MFA..


What is the difference between SIEM and SOC?

SIEM and SOC solutions are high in demand as many organisations are using them to consolidate their security stack and solve the issue of limited cyber security resource. What are the differences, benefits of each and which would suit your organisation?


4 Key Areas to Improve your Cyber Resilience this Christmas

What is the current state of cybercrime and how do you build a better cyber resilience? This article looks at how changes in working practices this year have influenced cyber attacks and what we recommend to keep your organisation secure this Christmas.


Log4J Vulnerability Explained

The Log4J vulnerability is a severe new security risk that has the potential to affect millions of services across the internet. This article explains the Log4J vulnerability, offers guidance and provides mitigations to protect your systems.


What are the benefits of web application security testing

Web application security testing is the process of identifying vulnerabilities and mitigating them to protect against attacks. There are several web application security solutions and tools that can be used to test the security of a web application.


Infosec Cloud Launches V-Scan, Regular Vulnerability Scanning Services

Learn about our new Vulnerability Assessment solution that tackles the efficiency and cost issues associated with traditional one-off Vulnerability Scans. Available as two Vulnerability Scanning services, V-Scan provides regular vulnerability insights.


Log4J Vulnerability: 5 Key Takeaways and Dealing with Future Vulnerabilities

What lessons can we learn from the recent Log4J vulnerability and how can you protect your organisation against future vulnerabilities? We discuss the impact of the Log4J vulnerability and on-demand Vulnerability Scanning as a solution to zero-day threats.


Microsoft Office 365 Price Increases: Get Ahead and Limit the Impact

A Microsoft Office 365 price increase is coming in March 2022. Microsoft are planning two key changes to their licensing. Want to get ahead and limit the financial impact this has on your organisation? Read more to find out our tips to minimise the hit.


The Importance of Monthly Vulnerability Scanning

Learn about the importance of monthly vulnerability scanning and the powerful advantages it has over manual penetration testing for your business. Including workload management, closing the attack window and accounting for application behaviour variance.


Why A Prevention-First Security Strategy Should Be Your Priority to Stop Cyber Attacks

A prevention-first security strategy has been more of an aspiration than a reality to most organisations up to now. Learn the reasons why traditional endpoint protection no longer works and why we see prevention-first as the future of cyber security.