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Barracuda Backup Service is all you need

Date: Mar 14, 2013

Category: Blog

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By Christine Barry – Chief Blogger
Barracuda Networks.

The other day I talked about the features of the Barracuda Backup Service. While I mentioned that we provided support for virtual servers, I didn’t specifically point out that we also support physical servers. Goes without saying, right? Well maybe it should, but it doesn’t. Some backup solutions only support physical or virtual, which leaves you in the lurch looking for a second product.

The Barracuda Backup Service provides an end-to-end solution, so let’s talk a little bit about that.

  •  BBS comes with unlimited software agents, which means that you’ll never have to pay for new agents (aka server connections) regardless of growth. We built this with scalability and affordability in mind.
  • We offer best-in-class deduplication, storage, and replication, and this is completely automated. You will not need add-ons for this.
  • BBS fully supports physical and virtual environments. We can protect all of your servers with on-site and remote backup, to our cloud or yours.

If you haven’t tried the Barracuda Backup Service, what are you waiting for?

Visit our Barracuda Backup Service page.

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