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Unified Web Security

Don't Secure the Network - Secure the User

Unified Web Security from Blue Coat combines the MACH5 appliance with a cloud-based security service. This combination delivers protection, wan optimisation and policy infrastructure that works wherever and however your users connect to the web.

Web filtering and antivirus, as well as management and forensic reporting, are all hosted in the cloud, eliminating the need for dedicated web security hardware to keep company assets protected.

The on-premise wan optimisation appliance makes business applications and streaming video faster than ever, slashing overall bandwidth consumption on average between 50-90%.

Cache and Optimise On-Premise:

* Intelligent caching
* Bandwidth management
* Video optimisation
* Application acceleration

Secure and Report in the Cloud:

* Antivirus & malware detection
* Webpulse security
* Content filtering
* Fully featured reporting
* Web application control
* Mobile device security
* Remote workers and sites


For more information please call 01256 379970
or email: [email protected]

Powered by WebPulse:
Aware  75 million users worldwide.  One Billion daily requests.  Consumer & enterprise.
Intelligent   New & emerging malware.  Multi-dimensional website & app category ratings.  Dynamic categorisation in over 50 languages.
Proactive  Malnet tracking.  Negative Day Defense.  Web & mobile app controls.  Blocks millions of threats daily.

Reporting When and Where You Need It:
Blue Coat’s cloud service securely stores unlimited logs, including up to three years of historical data. Reports are instantly available and accessible through a convenient web portal.

Optimise Video to Preserve Bandwidth:

Only Blue Coat’s optimisation technology enables you to “stream-split” video content. A single video stream can be provided to multiple viewers in different locations. This means that when everyone in the office is watching that big event you will still be getting the best from your bandwidth.

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