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Cloud-based ICT services – the next education revolution?

Date: Feb 11, 2013

Category: Blog

Cloud-based services have the ability to empower education and ensure a more efficient learning platform for students – wherever they are.

What are Cloud-based ICT Services?

Cloud computing differs from traditional computing and outsourcing in that it virtualises the ICT environment by locating it ‘in the cloud’ (out on the Internet) as opposed to running the technology inside your own network or on-premise.

Cloud-based services move infrastructure out schools and institutions into secure, shared locations. You then pay by subscription to access the services you need, as and when you need them. There is no capital outlay to buy equipment upfront, the services can be accessed on any Internet-enabled device and you maintain centralised control.

“Cloud-based anytime anywhere learning is a brilliant option for schools that have the bandwidth to support 1,300 students when they all log on simultaneously at 9am in the morning.”

Key Benefits:

  • Pay as you go. On-demand
  • No hardware. No software
  • Available and accessible anywhere
  • Seamless service for mobile staff/students
  • Fast deployment. Easily scalable
  • Always the latest version
  • Up to date threat information
  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Improved disaster recovery and backup
  • Simplified management
  • SLA’s guarantee uptime and performance

Our Services:

With our roots in IT Security we’re best placed to offer secure cloud-based services. We offer a range of services that provide a flexible alternative to running your ICT locally.

Our Cloud-based or ICT as a Service (ICTaaS) solutions are usually billed on a flexible subscription-type model, eliminating the need to pay upfront for infrastructure. Plus they offer easy scalability and rapid deployment, and whenever a cloud service provider updates their software, your service is immediately updated.

No matter what type of school or institution you are, or whatever stage of development you are at, we can help you achieve further whole school improvement by assisting in the creative and effective use of cloud-based services – and you can focus on your core objective: supporting a flexible learning environment.


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