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Cost-effective, scalable, flexible cloud-based security services.

It seems like everyone is offering cloud services of every flavour, with new entrants joining the market every day.
Infosec Cloud only offers fully tested cloud-based security services that provide cost-efficient, effective capabilities to reduce your workload and allow you to easily align security with overall IT delivery.

** Plus we offer a fully managed security awareness training & testing (SATT) service >>

  • Employee GDPR Awareness

    Trackable video-based training, quizzes, posters – read more…

  • Meltdown and Spectre

    Look out for patch phishing emails – read more…

  • Tokenless Strong Authentication

    Use the device you carry as the authenticator - read more...
  • Email security specifically for SMEs

    Proofpoint Essentials offers ultimate email protection -
  • Enquiry LinkedIn Spiceworks