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GDPR PII Discovery

Solve GDPR Data Subject Access Requests

FileFacets provides the platform and methodology to help businesses comply with the GDPR.

The FileFacets platform scans multiple sources and repositories to locate and identify any GDPR Personal Identifiable Information (PII) or sensitive data that your organisation may possess.

The Analytics tool can be regularly run so that any new content that is being created that contains GDPR PII can be flagged, moved, deleted or secured in a safe environment.

FileFacets Methodology for GDPR Data Processing

FileFacets’ process for GDPR readiness is a series of data analytics, advanced searches and business processes that ensure organisations:

  • Understand what data they have
  • Identify personal data in their data stores
  • Put processes in place to best protect sensitive data
  • Have the ability to retrieve records that contain personal data should a GDPR data subject access request (SAR) be made

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