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We’ll provide you with the best fit centralised real-time web security and control to protect your organisation against web-based threats – without deploying hardware, software or agents.

Our cloud-based services provides enterprise-grade solutions for web security. The service selected to meet your specific requirements will include threat protection, simplified management and reporting, web controls and more — all in a deployment requiring no hardware or software to buy and install, and no maintenance to perform.

* Free migration – we copy all legacy setting from any existing web security service FOC.

* A better service at a lower cost – we will recommend the best service tailored to your individual needs, ensuring an improvement in speed, security, ease of use, functionality and at a lower cost.

* We only partner with the best  – all web services are tried and tested by Infosec Cloud (market leaders in providing web security).  We only recommend web services based on our customers’ individual needs.

An  intuitive control portal gives clear visibility into web activity which speeds network troubleshooting and policy management. Graphical summaries are provided as well as in-depth reports to help you investigate specific events or user activity.

You can run reports by site, category, user, bandwidth and by threat type across a wide range of time periods. Plus your web traffic is managed by internet security experts and modeled against other networks to detect traffic anomalies.

Measurable insights into web usage provide you with complete security and compliance monitoring – helping ensure web use is secure and appropriate.

Our web security services can be fully integrated with email security, data loss prevention and two factor tokenless authentication services.

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