Security Services

Wireless LAN

Enterprise-class management delivered as a cloud-enabled service for wireless access points and routers.

We simplify networking by reducing the cost and complexity of distributed enterprise deployments with our cloud-managed wireless LAN solutions. These solutions, based on distributed intelligence architecture, include enterprise-class WiFi access points and easy-to-deploy routers.

Access Points: We offer enterprise wireless LAN access points with cooperative control technology that provides the benefits of a controller-based wireless LAN solution, without requiring a controller or an overlay network.

Routers: Our routers combine “work anywhere” mobility with enterprise routing functionality and complete security – all in a single device. The simple “plug and play” operation makes it easy for administrators to deploy hundreds or even thousands of remote/branch offices for their users.

Cloud-managed: You have complete visibility and control over your entire network over the web. You can configure thousands of devices, run diagnostics or view reports with a few clicks. Tasks such as RF optimisation and VPN configuration are automated by the cloud, while firmware updates and application signatures are seamlessly deployed over the web.

Free Access Point – click here to attend one of our regular vendor webinars.

Click Here to read about Aerohive Cooperative Control Architecture – a controller-less architecture that eliminates the downsides of controllers while providing the management, mobility, scalability, resiliency and security that enterprises require in their wireless infrastructure.

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