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Customers love the Barracuda Backup Service

Date: Feb 26, 2013

Category: Blog

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By Christine Barry – Chief Blogger
Barracuda Networks.

One of our friends on twitter sent us this awesome tweet the other day:





We love to hear that kind of thing! It makes us feel good, and it gives me a good reason to revisit the Barracuda Backup Service (BBS).

As you may recall, the Barracuda Backup Service is more than a server; it’s a complete backup solution that uses a plug-and-play appliance for on-site backups. The appliance replicates to the cloud or your own private cloud. The service maintains multiple copies of the backed up data in the remote location.

The service also tracks revision histories to let administrators roll back to previous version. And that previous version could be a file, a folder, or an entire server. With the Barracuda Backup Service you can get rid of all those tapes and hard drives and just use one appliance (or more for private clouds) to manage and store your entire backup collection. You won’t need add-on licenses or agents, and you won’t need to go looking for the right tape or USB drive. And like Tommy says, it’s fast!!!

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Click here to see details of the service.

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