Could your organisation be breached?

Unfortunately, most organisations only find out where their weak points are after a breach has occurred. This is a dangerous and costly way to understand where your resilience could be improved.

Use our free, online cyber GAP analysis service to proactively identify the areas of your organisation's network, infrastructure and cyber security posture which can be enhanced.

How it works

The CyberCare IT Security GAP comprises of multiple modules and multiple choice questions which you answer to score your organisation's security posture. At the end you will receive a detailed report, tailored to your selections, outlining all of the great areas of your network and infrastructure, and areas which can be improved along with recommendations on how to do so.


Step one

Start by selecting your modules. You can tailor the analysis survey to suit what applies to your organisation. We recommend keeping all modules selected as each one plays a key role in a secure posture.


Step two

Next, begin your analysis survey by answering the multiple choice questions on each module. The process is simple and will take you through each module fluidly.


Step three

Once complete, submit your answers to generate your report. We can assist with any recommendations you receive as part of the GAP analysis.

Proven to provide:

Monthly Vulnerability Scanning
Thorough Assessment

built from the Cyber Essentials Plus framework.

Detailed Reporting

with scoring to understand where you can improve.


on existing systems configuration and policies.

Easy to Use

web portal with complete confidentiality.

Benefits to your organisation:

Fully Managed Vulnerability Scanning

your organisation's IT Security posture.

Accessible Report

suitable to give straight to senior management.

Clearly Identify

those areas most providing risks or lack of compliancy.

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