Vulnerability exposure should be the first consideration in your organisation’s security strategy, without it everything else you have in place won’t protect you.

Our Vulnerability Assessments can be scheduled to run as regularly as you require. We can run assessments on just those systems that have been highlighted as a high risk to provide you with regular updates on your progress to mitigate any of those specific areas.

Find Out MoreMonthly Vulnerability Scanning
On-demand Assessments
Managed or
Hybrid Service
Portal Access and Reports
On-demand Vulnerability Assessments and IP Scanning

Take Complete Control of Detecting and Eliminating Weaknesses in your Network

A Vulnerability Assessment is only as good as the last time your systems were checked. Within an hour, your organisation could be at risk again.

Scanning your system regularly for threats, open ports and vulnerabilities is the easiest and most cost-effective way of taking control of your security, because it exposes invisible threats before they become a problem.

Monthly Vulnerability Scanning
Accurately test everything on your network
Receive actionable remediation advice
Cost Effective Vulnerability Scanning
Designed to boost security at the lowest cost possible

Available fully managed or as a hybrid service

We can provide a fully managed service, identifying and providing remediation advice in the timeliest manner. If you prefer, you can have full access to your own management console. You can even have a combination of our managed service and still have full visibility.

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Proven to provide:


scoring methodology so you know exactly what areas should be prioritised

Industry recognised

CVE cyber security vulnerability analysis

Integration capabilities

for existing investment into your own SIEM or PSA

Monthly Vulnerability Scanning
Extensive scans

of whole ranges or individual IP addresses

Benefits to your organisation:

Monthly billing

on a per IP basis for complete clarity of the systems usage and run as many scans per month per annum as you like

Multi-IP Vulnerability Scanning
Fully scalable

from single IP addresses to multi-national requirements and from boot up to scanning your networks in less than 5minutes

Fully managed or hybrid service

options, with your own portal access, tailored to meet your own specific needs

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Cyber Care Assurance

Customer Experience

See what our customers say

“We now have the ability to scan at any time. Regular vulnerability assessments scans are like having sonar on our own network. We always know what is going on around us.”

“Previously, I have dealt with many (many) different scanning vendors in my 15+ years in IT- security. Infosec Cloud's solution is the first I could power up, configure and start doing useful scans within 15 minutes of my first session."

“The information provided in the reports is very clear and concise. It explains to engineers what the problem is, where to look for more information, and how to fix it.”

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