Cloud Access
Security Broker

Cloud applications, approved or not, are transforming the way users and teams communicate, share and collaborate. The threat landscape has changed – Cloud Access Security Brokers are no longer a nice to have.

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Cloud Application
Complete Internet Usage
Remote and On-premise
Integrated Data-loss Prevention
Cloud Access Security Broker

Complete Internet Usage Visibility Across all of your Cloud Applications

In today's world, users are incorporating more and more cloud applications to achieve the same high levels of performance that was previously only achievable in an IT-secured location.

Without visibility of the access and utilisation of these services, the threat of advance malware, data security and malicious or accidental insider access is on the rise. The usage of Social Media, data storage and CRM’s is unmanaged and un-monitored and can be easily abused.

Take back control by discovering, analysing, securing and managing cloud activity within your organisation.


Business Applications Covered


Number of Actions


Our Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solution gives your organisation the ability to discover, analyse, secure and manage cloud activity. This is regardless of whether the user is on the corporate network or working remotely.

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How it Works

Deployed using Agents or Gateways, or both, to Meet your Needs

Proven to provide:

Complete visibility

of internet services usage.


for regulations such as PCI DSS,GDPR and HIPAA.

Data-loss Prevention

Data security that scans files upon upload and can change specified content using DLP templates.

User Activity Tracking

to identify malicious or suspicious activity.

Benefits to your organisation:

Fully Managed Vulnerability Scanning
Zero-touch Configuration

Providing Roaming, Guest and BYOD protection.

Real-time threat intelligence

with ultra-fast response times.


over your user's use of Social Media, Data Storage and CRM content.

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