DLP and Data

Data is at the centre of most modern cyber-attacks. You need to know where your data is, that it is classified and that it is protected.

With the rise of insider threats, phishing, Malware and accidental exposure, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is more important than ever before.

In the past, DLP solutions have not been well adopted by organisations due to the lengthy setup, complex installation procedures, high level of maintenance and ultimately, poor return on investment.

This all changes with our DLP solution, designed to deal with the challenges of large data growth, flexible working, new technology adoption and the ever-increasing use of cloud services.

Pre-defined Rules
or On-premise
Modern, simple and effective Data Loss Prevention

Data Discovery and Loss Prevention, Across all Platforms, Devices and Applications

Our DLP solution uses the identity of the user, the
device and the data they are working on to prove
exactly who is doing what at any time. We address threats from trusted and un-trusted users, through unique intellectual algorithms and
fingerprinting features. Our solution conducts real-time inspection of
all protocols, even ones that are unknown, and has the
ability to stop data loss immediately.

Where Data is lost

The Increasing Challenge of Protecting Data

Proactive threat detection
Growing Cyber
Security Threats

Human Error
Insider Threats
External Threats

Greater Privacy/ Compliance

Potential Fines
Reputation Loss

Increasing Sensitive Data to Protect

Intellectual Property

Numbers of Devices

More Devices
More Locations
More Mobile Threats

Increase in Remote/home working

Protecting Data
Outside the

Number of places data is now stored

Off-Premise and
in the Cloud

Keep track of your sensitive data, anywhere

Today, DLP needs to include Data Governance. Together these will help your organisation understand the sensitive information that exists, where it is located, and the type of interactions the data has with systems and users.

Once you have a full understanding, applying rules to how the data will be used by staff, and external parties such as supply chain companies, is a straightforward process.

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Proven to provide:

Real-time threat intelligence
Rapid Installation

with easy cloud deployment.

Pre-defined Rules

straight out-of-the-box.

Pre-set Metadata

and key words.

Covering all Data

Including structured and unstructured data.

Benefits to your organisation:

Multi-IP Vulnerability Scanning
Minimal Impact

Deploy in minutes with minimal impact to your end users.

Complete Data Discovery

and classification across Files Shares, Office 365, Box, Dropbox, Exchange, Azure, Sharepoint and any ODBC compliant databases.

End-user Empowerment

to classify data at generation that is also double checked against the DLP rules engine.

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