Mobile Device

Devices propel modern work, especially with the rise in remote working.

However, they can leave a security gap if not managed correctly.

How do you control the applications, content and sites that can be accessed via your organisations’ devices? An MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution is how.

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Available on:

On-demand Assessments
Managed or
Hybrid Service
Portal Access and Reports
Automated Device Management

The Standard for Unified Mobile, Desktop & IoT Management

Our feature-rich Mobile Device Management solution ticks all the boxes. Kiosk lockdown in particular enables you to lock devices to a single app or a few selected applications, create secure digital signage, feature a single website on a device with no further access and control device peripheral settings such as brightness and volume.

Manage any platform and any device

Music App is an all-in-one music player. In its "Discover" module, you can see the latest and hottest songs and music playlist. You can play them and even download them to your mobile phone for playback offline. And more over, you're able to search music by artist, genre, name of songs as well.

Kiosk Lockdown

Lock down devices in single or multi-app mode. Boost employee productivity. Keep students focused on the task at hand.

Streamlined Deployments

Streamline large-scale deployments. Wirelessly configure devices for automated MDM enrolment and out of the box use. Android Zero-Touch Enrolment streamlines the process of deploying devices in bulk, managed from the very first boot.

Web Security

Improve security by keeping unwanted websites at bay. Restrict inappropriate content. Black/White list specific websites. Enable secure multi-tabbed browsing.
All Platforms, All Devices

Covering all Devices Across all Platforms

Packed with Security Features

Security features include the ability to secure, encrypt, lock or even wipe your corporate data from devices. Centrally monitor applications installed on devices. Blacklist unwanted applications. Whitelist necessary applications to block all the rest. Enforce auto lockdown of corporate devices when they stay offline for a specified number of days.

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Proven to provide:

Application Control

and Containerisation.

Content Filtering

Ensures that sensitive content is only accessed by applications deemed safe by the admin.

Additional Security

Data, Email and App Security.

Monthly Vulnerability Scanning
Real-time Monitoring

and Geofencing.

Benefits to your organisation:

Easy Implementation

and deployment with compliance checklists available.

Fully Managed Vulnerability Scanning

and password management of all key services such as WiFi connectivity and application control.

Remote Wipe

lockdown and IT support access for end-user’s devices.

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