Endpoint solutions have been a staple security solution for decades.

Now hailed as 'next-generation', AI is used to detect and prevent attacks before they can execute, stopping users from opening URLs or visiting spoofing pages, mimicking those of legitimate websites.

For AI prevention that continuously develops with Malware variants, look no further than our carefully selected Endpoint solution to keep your organisation's devices secure.

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AI Malware
Rapid Deployment
Full Forensic
AI Driven Malware Prevention

Prevention-first Endpoint Security

For years, endpoint security products’ primary threat protection was based on signatures, created after patient zeros were impacted and the damage already done.

Assuming all attacks had been seen before, using signatures made sense.

Today, Malware mutates daily, even hourly, making signature-based prevention tools obsolete, and creating the need for a stronger prevention-based approach to endpoint security.

Seamless Deployment and integration with our lightweight agent

Our agent is lightweight and easy to deploy across your workforce via the cloud, hybrid or on-premise. With no signature updates or slows cans, experience protection without interruption.

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Endpoint Security Extends to Mobile Devices

Continuously protect mobile endpoints without disrupting users on any device type (including managed and BYOD). Includes Advanced Android™ malware detection and prevention and iOS® app integrity checking.
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Proven to provide:

AI Prevention

that continuously develops as Malware variants appear.

No Signature Updates

that are out of date as soon as they are deployed.

Faster Protection

with rapid deployment of lightweight agents and one-time scanning.

Full Forensics

capabilities to detect, trace and prevent threats and includes pre-built detection sets for Windows.

Benefits to your organisation:


that your endpoints are protected by a globally recognised leader.

Pre-execution Protection

that stops threats before they try to run. Competitors wait until the threat executes before trying to prevent the attack.

Low Overhead

of the agent and lack of signature updates improves the performance of the end device and the internet downloads.

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