Web Security

Web security is essential for every user at every organisation.

Though, in recent times the network perimeter has changed. Practically overnight, almost every employee became a ‘remote worker’, potentially risking exposing the security of their web usage to an unprecedented level of threats.

Our Web Security solutions are built for the cloud and include free migration from your existing solution. With 140 categories and 500+ sub-categories, you can be assured of your web security.

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Cloud-based Solutions
Empower the mobile workforce

Working Practices have Evolved... Has your Web Security?

Existing IT systems were generally architected to route all web traffic through specific access points, such as the organisation’s headquarters or regional offices where security could be enforced and easily monitored and maintained.

Our Web Security solution provides protection for roaming, personal (BYOD) and guest devices with zero-touch configuration. With no requirement to proxy web traffic, your users are guaranteed ultra-fast response times.

Free Migration and Ongoing Support

Migrating from an existing solution with a multitude of legacy policies and filters can be a difficult and time consuming process.

Let our experienced team assist with migrating from your existing solution. Plus, receive direct support from our annually accredited experts.
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The Web has changed. Secure Gateways haven't

Protect your organisation from harmful, offensive, inappropriate (such as 'Not Safe for Work' ) or illegal content on malicious pages or hidden deep within legitimate sites.

Malware protection from distribution sites, compromised pages on legitimate sites, malvertising and infected files either downloaded or cloud-shared.

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Proven to provide:

Deep Inspection

of SSL/TLS traffic.

Real-time threat intelligence

traffic analysis with URL reputation and threat intelligence.

Website Page

level categorisation.

"Not Safe for Work"

image content analysis.

Benefits to your organisation:

Fully Managed Vulnerability Scanning
Low Maintenance

Let the power of your solution do the work for you.

Easy to Deploy

to office based and mobile users.

Free Migration

from your existing solution.

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can help you.
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Cyber Protect Solutions

Pair with a CASB Solution for Complete End-to-End Visibility and Protection

A Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solution gives an organisation the ability to discover, analyse, secure and manage cloud activity. This is regardless of whether the user is on the corporate network or working remotely.
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