Extended Detection
And response (XDR)

Extended prevention and detection across endpoint, network and user activities, along with fully automated response actions.

Our XDR solution provides a single, unified platform to prevent, detect, investigate and fully remediate attacks.

Backed by a 24x7x365 security operations team to monitor, remediate and optimise your protection against advanced threats, our XDR solution is the future of complete security.

Authentication Options
or Physical
Cross-layered Detection and Response

Finally. A Single, Unified Platform to Prevent, Detect, Investigate and Fully Remediate Attacks

Our XDR solution provides multiple, integrated prevention
technologies to block standard and advanced attacks across
your environment. The detection power achieved by natively
combining signals and data from multiple sources simply
cannot be matched by siloed, point protection solutions. Even
the stealthiest attacks are fully exposed with pinpoint
accuracy by our XDR solution.

Backed by CyOps, a team of Security Operations centre experts

Supported by a security operations team, 24x7x365, our XDR solution is the only solution that triggers an automated investigation following each endpoint, user, or network alert, fully disclosing its root cause and scope and applying all the required remediation activities to fully eliminate the threat.

Receive in-depth investigation, proactive threat hunting, malware analysis and
attack reports from the finest cyber security experts, ensuring that every security event is handled and resolved.

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Experienced a Breach? We can help when you need it most
In a matter of minutes, our XDR solution can be deployed across hundreds to thousands of endpoints, then scans, analyses, identifies and remediates threats before damage is done.

The last thing you need to worry about when you have experienced a breach is the cost of the solution. That's why our incident response comes free-of-charge.

Proven to provide:

Total Visibility

Gain insight into every event that takes place in your environment through automated monitoring.

Consolidated Defence

Capabilities of NGAV, EDR, UBA, Network Analytics and Deception in a single, natively integrated platform.

Full Automation

Automate all workflows across the breach protection lifecycle, from proactive monitoring to incident response.

Backed by 24x7x365 SOC

manned with Security Analysts providing alerting and assistance with high risk threats.

Benefits to your organisation:

Cost Effective Vulnerability Scanning
Save Costs and Resources

Reduce the requirement for expensive cybersecurity engineers.


that a 24x7 team of cybersecurity professionals is monitoring for abnormal or threatening behaviours.

Incident Response

included for every service.

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