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December 2014 Update

We aim to provide you with a round-up of our latest offers and essential info to help increase your productivity and keep you secure. We’d like to thank all our customers for their business this year and look forward to being of service to you all in the New Year.

Seasons Greetings from the Infosec Cloud team.

Free Web protection

Blue Coat K9 Web Protection gives home users and families a whole new arsenal in the fight against adult content and malware — for free.

Whether you want to protect your kids or yourself, K9 Web Protection provides enterprise-class protection from pornography and other adult content on the Internet.

In addition, K9 delivers comprehensive anti-malware protection automatically. That means you don’t have to wait for the latest security patch or upgrade, which can leave your computer vulnerable to fast-moving web threats.

K9 uses Blue Coat WebPulse, the same advanced web filtering technology used by enterprise and government institutions worldwide — all with a user-friendly interface that allows you to control Internet use in your home.

Being a successful Internet parent includes having rules for when and how your family can use the Internet, monitoring where they go on the Internet, and blocking sites you don’t want them visiting.

For more information and resources, please visit the Blue Coat K9 Website >>

Deck the Halls with… Tape

Join Druva for a special holiday webinar to see how you can radically simplify server backup and archiving to the cloud and dramatically lower your costs.

Live Webinar Tuesday, 16th December, 5PM

Sign up now and we’ll email you a complimentary Gartner report, “How to Determine if Cloud Backup is Right for Your Servers.”

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Comodo Endpoint Security Manager 3.0
Free 600 user/60 day Trial

Comodo’s new CESM 3 platform provides a state-of-the-art anti-malware suite that proactively protects your servers, workstations, laptops and netbooks, while offering advanced, real-time management and control over critical system resources.

*  Reduce administrative workload
*  Minimise downtime
*  Increase User productivity
*  Strengthen network security
*  Become virus free, guaranteed**

** Comodo is the ONLY Endpoint Security solution on the market that offers a £3000 warranty that you remain 100% virus and malware free.

Email us about our free swap-out.


Mobile Networks enable 2FA

This free white paper describes the secure authentication options available for mobile device users.

Click here to download >>

Employees who want to access an internal network must usually first prove their identity. They generally do this by entering a username and a password. Two factor authentication (2FA) adds a further layer of security to this process by requesting a passcode.

Mobile device users can receive the required passcode via their mobile phones, smartphones, tablets or laptops.

Users receive the numeric passcode via SMS, email or in a soft token app. The passcode is then entered on the login page together with the personal user access details, thus providing unequivocal confirmation of the user’s identity.

The required passcode can also be provided via a landline call or via a QR code.

Read the free white paper published by authentication experts SecurEnvoy.
Click here to download >>

Office 365 – New Plans

Flexible, discounted prices, free migration and ongoing support.

Microsoft has released three new Office 365 plans tailored to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses, ranging from one to 250 employees.

Not sure which plan is best for you?

Click here to see our guide to Office 365 business plans.

Best UK prices.

Do you (want to) know your Cloud acronyms?

Here are two of our favourites:

XaaS (Anything as a Service) is a collective/catch-all term encompassing anything that can be offered as a service.

BYOC (Bring Your Own Cloud) is where employees can store company information on public/private third-party cloud storage services, like Dropbox.

This last one makes us shudder as companies have little to no control over these types of services and the location of their potentially sensitive data…

Or do you find Cloud acronyms a pain in the AaaS?

To help end-user, providers and everyone in the cloud marketplace navigate their way through a myriad of acronyms, Compare the Cloud has produced their own jargon buster:

Thanks to Andrew McLean, CTO at Compare the Cloud



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