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Egress Switch Email Encryption

Secure Email Service

Sending information by email remains the most popular and convenient way to share files and information. However, allowing unprotected data to flow freely outside your accredited and secure networks without the right levels of control can pose a significant risk to you and your business.

If sensitive information is accidentally sent to an unauthorised recipient, the result can and most likely will be financial loss and damaged business reputation.

The Egress Switch Approach to Email Encryption

Egress Switch offers a combination of policy based gateway and desktop email encryption software designed to secure and control information sent to third parties outside your organisation.

Internal and external encryption:

Typically organisations will look to encrypt and secure information sent to third parties outside their secure networks. At the same time there is a growing requirement from users who want to secure information sent internally within the business. This might include highly sensitive legal or HR data that needs to be secured and sent to specific recipients within the same organisation.

Egress Switch desktop encryption gives users the flexibility to secure information regardless of who the recipient is. So whether you are sending information to an external third party or a colleague you can apply the same security, control and audit functionality that comes as standard.

Either way, Egress Switch allows you to encrypt emails containing confidential information such as social security numbers, key words, or credit card numbers. Simply drag and drop the files you want to share into an email, set time and date restrictions to remain in complete control, and click send. The Switch email encryption software really is that easy.

Sophisticated integration via Single Sign-on support:

To simplify user adoption and administration Egress Switch provides sophisticated single sign-on integration. The Egress Switch Client Applications for desktop and mobile support single sign-on via Microsoft Active Directory using ADFS 2 (Active Directory Federation Services).

Egress Switch also supports the SAML (Secure Assertion Mark-up Language) v2 protocol which provides simple integration into cloud and third party single sign-on providers for unified identity management.

ADFS and SAML2 make it easy for any organisation to adopt cloud services and unify identity management. Proven integration with third party services include Microsoft Azure and Ping Identity.

Egress also offers Secure File Transfer –


* Encrypt email message body and attachments with AES 256 bit encryption
* Send encrypted emails directly from Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes (XP,2003,2007,2010, 2013)
* Real-time access control over encrypted emails and file attachments
* Time based access restrictions
* Customisable data classification
* Secure delivery reports
* Policy engine enforces the required level of security based on email content, size and recipient(s)
* Fully customisable user and web based interface* Supports all email clients including webmail and MS Outlook Web Access


* Email encryption designed to cater for the individual, or small and large organisations
* Transparent key management guaranteed to aid user adoption
* Streamline existing email workflow and prevent unnecessary data loss
* Ensure only authorised recipients can access secure emails
* Manage time sensitive information in real-time and enforce data embargo
* Audit disclaimer acceptance and satisfy compliance laws
* Offers complete end-to-end email encryption without having to change existing infrastructure
* No software licenses are needed for external users to open and reply to encrypted emails

See Egress Switch in action:

Egress Switch makes sharing confidential data easy – while also offering complete control at all times. Attend a free 20 minute introductory webcast and see for yourself.
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