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Egress Switch Secure File Transfer

The secure alternative to Dropbox and Yousendit

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Share with ease – without compromising the security of your information

Egress Switch makes sharing large files easier than ever – and also more secure than existing storage providers.

With Egress Switch, files that are too large to be sent by email can be encrypted and uploaded to hosted storage in one single click.

Recipients are automatically notified once the file has been uploaded, plus you maintain complete visibility and control over the secure files – even once they have been downloaded. This enables you to audit and revoke access in real-time wherever the information resides.

You also have complete control over where the large files and data are stored and hosted. Whether the hosting is carried out by one of our secure accredited data centres specific to your geographic region or via your own private on premise hosted platform that allows you to retain everything within your secure network infrastructure, you know your data is secure.

Looking for Secure Email?
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Free 14-Day Trial of Egress Switch

Arrange your free trial to evaluate the advanced features of Switch:

*  Centralised management of users and billing
*  Configurable Policy Engine
*  Set-up Policy Notes and Legal Disclaimers for content access
*  Access to the Egress Cloud Large File Transfer Service
*  Customisable security labels making data classification easy

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