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Email Security Health Check

Ensuring a successful service

Our email security health check service provides you with an overview of your current email security posture, providing high level recommendations in plain English.

This information is used by Infosec Cloud and our business partners to propose and implement improvements that will ensure a successful service.

We have over 17 years’ experience implementing and supporting Email Security, working with a range of vendors and services. In 2012, we seamlessly migrated over 90,000 mailboxes from an expired service to new vendors. Since 2005, over 300 customers have trusted Infosec Cloud to help them to make the right Email Security decisions.

We have a dedicated email security migration team, Freephone helpline and 24×7 online support portal:

Stay secure, up-to-date and maximise your return on investment:
We designed the program after monitoring the usage profiles and patterns of our customers and observing that they were not always fully optimising their use of their Email Security services. This ranged from the initial migration to the use of online portals and additional service features.

The Health Check has three main components:

1. Benchmark Email Security service assessment
2. Continuous service monitoring
3. Six monthly full service health checks

Health Check Key Features:

√ Firewall/Email Server SMTP server test
√ Server/relay communication
√ Unused mailboxes
√ Digest reports
√ Filters/Rules
√ Licence count
√ Configured alerts
√ Disclaimer
√ White List/Black List
√ Administrator logins
√ End user configuration
√ Reporting

An initial report will be produced to show our summary findings and whether further action is required. We will only contact you during our continuous service monitoring if there is a urgent or critical issue or recommendation that requires your attention.

We will provide a checklist type report at each six monthly review to outline the actions and investigations we have undertaken, our findings and recommendations. All reports will be securely emailed using AES-256 encryption and can also be uploaded to the support portal upon request.

For more information please contact us on 01256 379970 opt 1
email [email protected]
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