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Five ways to save by moving your email filtering to the cloud

Date: Apr 8, 2013

Category: Blog

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Your time and money are valuable so you want to make the most of them. Read on to find out how moving your email filtering to the cloud can help you save time, money and more.

Lowering admin costs

Setting aside the hardware costs (as these are often spent upfront for an on-premise solution); there are often other hidden administration costs to consider with on-premise solutions:

  • Headcount – How much is your time worth? If you could reallocate your time elsewhere, would you see the benefit
  • Staff training – If you or your key administrator leaves the company, will anyone else be able to take over the email management or will staff training be required?
  • Additional hardware – If the company expands, will the on-premise solution scale to accommodate or will you be charged extra in the future?

Reallocating internal resource time

Daily administration of an on-premise solution takes time and effort. Security must be supported and monitored internally, anti-spam rules and policies need to be kept up-to-date and maintenance needs to occur out of hours or causes disruption to the business. That’s a lot of time spent just taking care of business; time that could be better spent and wouldn’t need to be used with a cloud solution.

Reducing bandwidth use

An on-premise email filtering solution means emails are reaching your site before they get blocked. That’s a lot of bandwidth being used for emails that you don’t want.

Cloud email filtering services block spam and web threats at a connection level, saving your bandwidth and significantly reducing the amount of email delivered to your network.

Minimising downtime

With an on-premise solution the hardware and the network it sits on are your responsibility. Moving to a cloud provider means moving the responsibility to someone else. Cloud service providers offer SLAs to give you the confidence that your email service will have high availability and problems will be solved for you rather than taking up your time.

Preparing for the future

All organisations want to grow and cloud services are designed to be flexible to accommodate internal changes. On-premise solutions are often purchased based on current size or predicted future size but wouldn’t it be better if you could be confident that the service you have chosen will scale as you need it to without any hidden costs?

Why not add up the time and money you spend on on-premise email filtering and see how much you could be saving by moving to the cloud?

For more information: See our cloud-based email security service page.

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