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Forrester: Cylance Disrupts Market with AI-Driven Endpoint Protection

Date: Oct 24, 2016

Category: Blog

The recently released Forrester Wave report confirms what security industry insiders have been saying for some time now: Cylance continues to be a major market disruptor with its unparalleled signatureless malware prevention endpoint solution, CylancePROTECT®.

Out of the fifty-plus companies considered, Cylance was one of just fifteen vendors to make the final cut, going head-to-head with legacy antivirus tools that have come under sharp criticism in recent years for their lack of efficacy in the face of an onslaught of polymorphic malware and custom zero-days that readily evade traditional signature, heuristic, and behavioral approaches.

“As the numbers of new malware variants and methods of obfuscation rise, antivirus technologies have become less effective at protecting employee endpoints and servers,” the report states. “Numerous competing technology vendors have risen up to take aim at the stagnant antivirus market as a result.”

The Power of Machine Learning on the Endpoint

Leveraging complex mathematical algorithms, predictive artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, and the power of machine learning techniques, CylancePROTECT has emerged as the most strategic new offering in the Forrester Wave report.

“Cylance is another young vendor that has enjoyed a high level of interest and growth over the past couple of years,” the report notes. “The company offers one of the few endpoint security point products on the market today that showcases strong malware execution prevention capabilities without the need for an internet connection or frequent blacklist/whitelist updates. The product accomplishes this through an artificial intelligence engine that scans every executable launched on an endpoint in order to predict its behavior.”

The Forrester Wave report also singled out Cylance for their exceptional pre-execution prevention approach to endpoint security by recognizing their distinction as the only signatureless offering examined. In addition, the report acknowledged Cylance as a pioneer in artificial intelligence and machine learning as applied to endpoint security after having been on the market for only two years.

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