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GDPR: 12 Step Checklist

Start your GDPR journey, define Policies and create a Privacy Information Management System

On 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force with the aim of unifying and updating data protection laws across the European Union.

GDPR demands a number of significant changes for the processing of personal data and all data controllers should be ready to comply with their new obligations when it comes into force.

The Regulation will also substantially increase the Information Commissioner’s Office’s (ICO’s) powers of enforcement, meaning that data protection will become more central to organisations’ operations than ever before.

Impact of GDPR

GDPR will significantly impact organisations with many having to change their current data protection practices and policies to ensure compliance.

Initial preparation has been made easier by the introduction of a 12 Step Checklist by the ICO. The checklist highlights and codifies the essential steps which organisations must consider now to prepare themselves for the GDPR.

Download the ICO 12 Step Checklist:

Take Your First Step

Request a GDPR Gap Analysis quote, and find out how to start your GDPR journey, define Policies and create a Privacy Information Management System which addresses the ICO’s 12 Step Checklist.


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