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GDPR Awareness Training

Don’t Just Tell Your Users, Teach Your Users

GDPR Awareness Training provides your employees with the knowledge and skills they need to keep your organisation compliant.

Your employees will learn how to make the right decisions about the personal data they collect, hold and process.

The GDPR Awareness Training managed service was developed by training and subject matter experts. We are information security experts and provide award-winning end user Security Awareness Training and Testing (SATT).

Key Benefits

  • Suitable for all employees – competitively priced
  • Everyone can understand and learn from the videos and resources
  • Professional content in plain non-technical language
  • Presented in an engaging and easy to understand way
  • Content refreshed annually for refresher training

GDPR Awareness Training

  • 15 minute online video (delivered in two parts)
  • Interactive quiz – use the results to demonstrate understanding
  • Text based Infographics/Posters
  • Fully managed – just provide us a list of the users’ email addresses
  • Trackable results
  • Regular reminders to ensure staff complete the training
  • Regular training reports

The 12 month GDPR Awareness Training managed service provides unlimited access to all GDPR training resources.

GDPR Awareness Training will help organisations avoid regulatory fines and preventable breaches by improving employee understanding of the new data privacy regulations.

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GDPR Training Topics

  • What is the GDPR?
  • Who needs to Comply?
  • What about Brexit?
  • GDPR Key Terms
  • GDPR Rights of Individuals
  • The GDPR and You

Download the GDPR Awareness Training datasheet here >>

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