With the GDPR deadline fast approaching, Infosec Cloud has launched an online Staff GDPR Awareness Training service.

Subscribers to the service will be provided with video-based training, quizzes, posters and infographics. All training will be tracked and full reports provided to help meet GDPR compliance requirements.

The goal of the GDPR Awareness Training is to help organisations avoid regulatory fines by improving employee understanding of the new data privacy regulation. Employees will learn how to make the right decisions about the personal data they collect, hold and process.

The training meets Step 1 of the ICO’s ’12 Steps to Preparing for the GDPR’:

You should make sure that decision makers and key people in your organisation are aware that the law is changing to the GDPR. They need to appreciate the impact this is likely to have. (ICO, Preparing for the GDPR, 12 Steps to take now)

The Infosec Cloud GDPR Awareness Training service was developed by training and subject matter experts and is already receiving positive feedback from customers. The training is suitable for all employees and presented in plain language, in an engaging and easy to understand manner.

Pete Sherwood, MD, Infosec Cloud commented:

“As experts in information security and compliance, and providers of the award winning Security Awareness Training and Testing service, we were asked by our customers to provide a GDPR Awareness Training service. Managed using our existing learning platform means we can enroll, deliver, track and report on training completion. All customers need to do is provide us with a list of employee email addresses.”

The training topics include:

* What is the GDPR?
* Who needs to Comply?
* What about Brexit?
* GDPR Key Terms
* GDPR Rights of Individuals
* The GDPR and You

The GDPR training service is fully managed and tracked, with staff receiving regular reminders to complete their training. Customers will receive unlimited access to all GDPR training resources.

For more information, please see: https://www.infosec-cloud.com/gdpr-awareness-training/