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Essential Guide to Next Generation Endpoint Security

What is Next Generation Endpoint Security – And why do I need it?

Next Generation Endpoint Security is a new type of technology available to pro-actively detect and prevent threats at the endpoint.

Instead of looking for something known or its variant, like signature-based detection, next-generation endpoint security looks at the system behaviour to identify suspicious activity and then takes automated actions to prevent and remediate attacks.

However, with Next Generation Endpoint Security the next ‘big thing’, it feels like new vendors are popping up every day, complete with websites packed with jargon and seemingly ambitious performance and features claims…

That’s where Infosec Cloud can help.

We’ve recently used our 50 point technical assessment checklist to review the top 15 Next Generation Endpoint Security Vendors, as identified by the Forrester Wave™ Endpoint Security Suites, Q4 2016 (see:

Find out why your organisation needs Next Generation Endpoint Security, and check out the key talking points and stats to cover with your executives and senior managers.

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