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mailCritical 3.0 Upgrade

Quickly find and restore lost or deleted mail within 14 days. Preview suspect email while it is still in the quarantine. Empower end users, increase network security and reduce support requests with enhanced end user spam reports. Never miss a genuine email from a regular correspondent again with auto-white-listing of known recipients.

As mailCritical is delivered as a cloud-based service, in addition to the above key features, mailCritical customers also benefit from: 100% virus protection and 99% spam protection, round-the-clock service maintenance and monitoring and free 24×7 telephone support.

iCritical 3.0 offers 25 more new features including:

*  14 Day Mail Replay
*  Safe Message Preview
*  End User Spam Reports
*  Consolidated Message Logs
*  Auto Whitelist
*  Detach and Store – Large File Handling
*  Reports Centralized
*  Allow / Deny Individual or Domain
*  Personal and Global Allow and deny lists
*  Categorized Allow/Deny entries
*  Inbound Disclaimers
*  Advanced Policies
*  Support for other ports
*  Enhanced Domain Management
*  Active Directory Synchronization
*  Flexible roles and permissions

Click here to see the full list of new features.

Infosec Cloud also offers mailCritical v3.0 as a fully managed service. Click here for details.

To see what mailCritical v3.0 has to offer contact Infosec Cloud to arrange a demo:
Call 01256 379970 or email [email protected]

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