Cyber Incident Response

Experienced a breach? Contact our incident response team today

Time is critical when you are under attack. Our incident response team can deploy our XDR agent across hundreds to thousands of endpoints, then scan, analyse, identify and remediate threats before any further damage is done.

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You can rely on our leading XDR platform

Extended detection and response covers your endpoints, network and user behaviour analytics (UEBA) to uncover developing threats, correlate, investigate what they are affecting and respond to protect your organisation against advanced cyber threats.

Fast to deploy

Our agent can be deployed across thousands of devices in minutes and provide a rapid overview of malware or malicious activity threatening your organsiation.

Oversight and guidance

A 24/7 complementary MDR service proactively monitoring your environment and providing needed advice.

Managed detection and response

Deep forensics

A deep dive to uncover how the threats entered the network and how they were able to execute.

24x7 continuous monitoring

Ongoing protection

Always-on incident response with threat hunting to continuously discover new advanced threats.