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Infographic – Human error causes alarming rise in data breaches

Date: Dec 9, 2014

Category: Blog

Guest post: Egress Software Technologies.

Human error causes alarming rise in the number of data breaches and resulting monetary penalties, according to ICO FOI request carried out by Egress Software Technologies.

Egress Software Technologies, an encryption services provider, has released the figures from a Freedom of Information (FOI) request to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) which show a worrying increase in data breaches as a result of human error.

Examining reported incidents between April and June 2013, and the same period for 2014, healthcare organisations top this list with 91 reported breaches increasing to 183 – a staggering 101% increase. In other sectors the percentage increases are equally concerning: insurance 200%, financial advisers 44% and lenders 200%,- education 56% and general business 143%. Accordingly, this continued upward trend has seen total fines issues by the ICO for violations to the data protection act since 2010 in excess of £6.7m. With Public Sector organisations responsible for £4.5m of this, a large proportion has come from the taxpayers’ pockets

Click here to read the full report >>

It appears that convenience, not security, continues to be key when information is being shared with third parties, regardless of the risks. See how to securely share sentivitive information >>

Human error causes alarming rise in data breaches[Source: Egress Software Technologies Ltd.]

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