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Aerohive Webinar: Introducing the world’s most versatile retail WiFi platform

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Date: Apr 6, 2014

Category: Event Archive

This Aerohive webinar is for IT professionals looking to research, implement or expand wireless (WiFi) networks in their retail organisation.

The webinar will discuss how to use the retail WiFi platform to:

*  Mobilise in-store staff with tablet devices for quicker sales, showcasing additional products and coordinating delivery
*  Connect with customers at their most engaged by securing opt-ins through in-store WiFi, and deliver context-relevant communications and apps.
*  Analyse customer behavior through in-built, single-view analytics on footfall, hot-spots and walk-by customers.

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Qualified attendees will receive a free WiFi access point!*

Qualification Criteria

Simpli-Fi Enterprise Networking

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