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Keeping Security Top of Mind

Date: Feb 16, 2016

Category: Blog

Security Awareness Training makes a immediate difference to an organisation’s end users’ behaviour. However, without continuous reinforcement, the messages can easily be forgotten within a few weeks of returning to day to day activities.

Like any new skill, only practice makes perfect.

‘Train the way they fight’

Taking direction from military training, we believe organisations need to ‘train the way they fight’. Only then can they ‘fight the way they train’.

In a business context, end users need to face sophisticated (simulated) real-life cyber attacks and employ the skills they have learnt during the formal training sessions. Changing behaviour is a dynamic process with the required skills being continually challenged, reinforced and when needed refreshed and enhanced.

Building a secure-aware workforce is a process, not a point solution.

Testing to Stop Security Incidents

This is where our managed service is unique and actually stops users causing security incidents.

We combine workplace Security Awareness Training with ongoing, random test phishing emails, supplemented by additional targeted training for those who are (still) vulnerable. This helps the organisation to build a human firewall of vigilant, knowledgeable and empowered end users ready to protect themselves and the organisation. A human firewall ready to thwart potential security incidents.

Only by integrating training with an ongoing testing service can organisations build a relevant, robust security culture that stands the test of time. With end users ready to ‘fight the way they train’.

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