Luscombe Drinks invests in end user IT Security Awareness Training and Testing, to protect both their own data and networks, and those of their connected suppliers and customers.

Luscombe is ensuring all their employees are informed, empowered and vigilant against today’s online and physical cyberattacks with company-wide Security Awareness Training and Testing.

Luscombe is aware that not only could sensitive or confidential data, such as details of their recipes and processes, be breached, but that a ransomware attack could result in major operational disruption with subsequent loss of business, customers and reputation.

The company has been producing quality fruit drinks since 1975. All drinks are crafted with exceptional care and integrity. There are no compromises, only the best goes in the bottle.

When Luscombe decided to train their employees to be security aware, they contacted Infosec Cloud to deliver their fully managed end user Security Awareness Training and Testing (SATT) service.

Fully Managed Service

Infosec Cloud provides the training and testing as a fully managed service. This ensures all employees, including the IT team and senior management, are included in the programme. All Luscombe needed to do was to provide Infosec Cloud with an excel spreadsheet of employee names and email addresses.

Integrated 12 Month Programme

Infosec Cloud is delivering the video-based interactive online training with an integrated 12 month programme of random test phishing emails. Vulnerable employees who fall for the emails after the initial training, are provided with immediate, remedial training.

The 12 month programme comprises:

1.    Initial baseline phishing email test
2.    15 minute Video Training for all employees – delivered at the desktop
3.    11 month programme of random test phishing emails
4.    40 minute remedial training for vulnerable employees (those who click)
5.    Monthly reports and full programme management

Infosec Cloud provided Luscombe with internal communications explaining the training and testing process, and why employees need to remain vigilant at all times, plus guidelines for the IT Helpdesk, used to handle any employee concerns.

Wayne Martin, IT & Engineering Manager, Luscombe Drinks said: “There are many companies offering Security Awareness Training, however the Infosec Cloud programme is different, and has actually changed our employees’ behaviour. The combination of training and simulated cyber-attacks, such as phishing emails, is certainly keeping us all on our toes.

Training Videos

Within two months, all Luscombe employees had completed the training. The training videos, delivered at the desktop, include real-life examples and scenarios. The videos can be paused and replayed as needed, and cover:

1.    Your Role – Internet Security and You
2.    Common Traps – How Criminals Try to Trick You
3.    Red Flags – Warning Signs That Alert You
4.    Danger Zone Exercise – Find the Red Flags

Wayne Martin continued: “Our employees all liked the training videos as they were able to watch them at their own pace and when most convenient. They are now applying this knowledge in their day to day jobs.”

Security Awareness Training and Testing helps build a human firewall. Interactive training is delivered at the desktop and reinforced with random, simulated test cyberattacks, such as tailored phishing emails.

Now at month four, the Luscombe Drinks employee’ phishing email click through rate is down to zero. The testing and training cycle will continue, with users seeing different phishing emails, every month, at random. There may be some further ‘clicks’ however the trend should be a constant, low click rate.

The results show how a combination of web-based training and frequent simulated phishing attacks really works.

Luscombe Drinks has found that a small investment in end user Security Awareness Training and Testing means they can safely concentrate on doing what they do best, making drinks that are a real pleasure to taste.

About Luscombe Drinks
Luscombe Drinks has been making beautiful drinks since 1975. Based on a farm in deepest Devon, all of the drinks are crafted with exceptional care and integrity. Gabriel David, the head of the family-owned business, sources the ingredients direct from growers he trusts. There are no compromises, only the best goes in the bottle.

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