This is the biggest upgrade to mailCritical yet and we are excited to share the more than 25 new features with you.

What’s new in mailCritical 3.0?
Quickly find and restore lost or deleted mail within 14 days. Preview suspect email while it is still in the quarantine. Empower end users, increase network security and reduce support requests with enhanced end user spam reports. Never miss a genuine email from a regular correspondent again with auto-white-listing of known recipients.

As mailCritical is delivered as a cloud-based service, in addition to the above key features, mailCritical customers also benefit from: 100% virus protection and 99% spam protection, round-the-clock service maintenance and monitoring and free 24×7 telephone support.

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Read on to find out more about the key new features:

14 Day Mail Replay

Reduce the time it takes to restore deleted mail with 14 days of email replay. Quickly and easily redeliver any lost or deleted email received in the last 14 days.

Safe Message Preview

Increase the security of your network by previewing suspect messages while still in the quarantine instead of releasing them to your mail server to find out if they are spam or not.

End User Spam Reports

End User Spam Reports now show not only Spam but also Policy-breaching mail and viral attacks. Reduce support requests by empowering end users with the right information.

Consolidated Message Logs

Message logs are now all in one place with new search criteria and filters added. Spend less time searching for problem email and more time solving problems.

Auto Whitelist

Increase correct mail flow and reduce support requests with auto-whitelisting of outbound recipient addresses – your end users will never miss a genuine email from a regular correspondent again!

Detach and Store – Large File Handling

Automatically strip oversized attachments from email and store them for download rather than rejecting them outright. Your users will love the ability seamlessly send attachments of any size and you will love not clogging up inboxes with storage-hungry attachments.

Reports Centralised

Reports have now been sectioned off to a more unified interface where you can find information and message types easily directly from the logs.

Allow / Deny Individual or Domain

Preview suspect messages inside the quarantine and then allow or deny the sender individually or the whole domain all right from the preview.

Personal and Global Allow and Deny lists

Allow/Deny lists have been consolidated into a more intuitive interface to manage both global and personal lists at the same time.

Categorised Allow/Deny entries

Gain better understanding of your filtering with categorized Allow/Deny entries. Each entry is identified as being directly entered or automatically added through the new ‘auto-whitelist’ functionality.

Inbound Disclaimers

We have added the ability to give inbound email a custom disclaimer just like outgoing email.

Filter Disclaimers

Total control over which emails will get a disclaimer and which will not. Simply remove any internal addresses by adding the address as an Exception.

Large file handling custom settings

Advanced control over the new ‘Large File Handling’ capability. Set duration (up to 90 days) an attachment can be stored for, the number of times an attachment can be downloaded as well as attachment size limits.

Advanced Policies

A significant and powerful upgrade to the old content control system. Sophisticated yet easy to manage, policies are controlled by scope, rule and action.


Fully customise end user notifications using the new template system.

Data Lists

A library of time saving lists (ie. profanity filter, executable attachments) to use with Advanced Policies and the ability to create your own saving setup time and ensuring accuracy.

Always On TLS

TLS has been updated and fully integrated with the new upgrade. Automatically provide extra security for your messages whenever possible with fully opportunistic TLS as default.

Bulk Mail Handling

Filtering now has an additional control for filtering out ‘bulk’ mail such as newsletters or marketing material.


Routing now covers both inbound and outbound IP addresses and can have ‘friendly’ names to enable easier identification.

Adding sites is easy and now has the capability to use different ports than the default port 25.

Enhanced Domain Management

Domain administration now lists far more information including MX status, verification choice and even current queued emails.

Active Directory Synchronisation

mailCritical is now capable of interfacing with your AD in order to populate the user list automatically and keep it up to date.

Flexible roles and permissions

Setup whatever security groups and policies you need; add any extra roles and setup custom permission structures for those roles.

Mobile friendly design

View the portal on your mobile device and get what you need done wherever you are.

Colour coded email types

Instantly understand what is happening in your spam quarantine with colour-coded email types to make administration easier.

Date Picker

Make filtering date based reports faster with an easy-to-understand date range picker; narrow your search down to what you need directly from results.