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Managed Email Security Service

Infosec Cloud Managed Services

A cloud-based service, hosted and managed by Infosec Cloud, to protect against viruses, spam and unwanted email content while removing the day to day management overhead from internal IT teams.

Our managed service provides greater control of service levels and performance.

With service level agreements in place you can be sure of continuity of service. Plus we offer unrivalled email security technical experience and expertise and guaranteed 24x7x365 support.

Key Benefits:

*  Flexible service. Instant scalability.
*  Provides advanced threat protection
*  The most comprehensive spam and virus filtering available
*  Backed by resilient infrastructure
*  No capital outlay and predictable monthly costs
*  Frees up IT teams to focus on business issues
*  Service expertise and technical support
*  Increased, trackable service levels
*  Disaster recovery and business continuity

We’ll provide hands-on management via a shared portal with monthly reports complete with our analysis and recommendations.

We support all popular email platforms and the service can be up and running very quickly – we provide free migration and on-boarding. And you don’t need to send your IT team on any training courses…

Contact us for more information – call 01256 379970 or email [email protected]

The Infosec Cloud Managed Service provides comprehensive email filtering for virus, spam, and malware. 99.9% effectiveness and less than 0.01% false positives.

Why our service?

Our cloud-based email security combines multi-layered protection with policy enforcement and compliance tools to give complete email security and control.

Every email sent to and from your organisation is filtered in the cloud so only threat-free, legitimate emails are sent and received.

And with our email continuity feature, whether your users are in the office or on the move, they can continue to email from a browser based login even if your primary email systems become unavailable.

We’ll provide the ultimate protection from email-borne viruses, spam and malware hosted securely in the cloud – while you focus on your core skills.


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