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Mimecast provides complete compliance for Office 365

The Mimecast UEM platform is tightly integrated with Office 365. This enables us to both support customers moving to Office 365 and to improve the email management experience for those already enjoying the benefits of Office 365.

Mimecast’s complete compliance for Office 365:

* Best email gateway support for administrators and end-users:

The Mimecast gateway eliminates the need to deploy complex cloud point solutions with Office 365 when delivering the features required by end-users and administrators alike. Office 365 customers using Mimecast benefit from better end-user support, large file management, document management and other essential tools.

* Enterprise grade, immutable, compliant archiving for all users, current and historic:

This is augmented with rich eDiscovery capabilities and litigation support for administrators, as well as improved personal productivity for end users thanks to our perpetual email archive.

* Powerful hybrid support with dynamic rerouting:

The Mimecast platform supports deployment of Office 365 in conjunction with any supported version of Exchange for production and migration purposes. Mail routing policies leverage Active Directory, enabling you the flexibility to move to Office 365 on your terms.

* Unstructured data support:

Only Mimecast enables Exchange customers to augment their email archive data with other data forms – from inside and outside the organization – using our File Archive service.

* A financially punitive 100% uptime SLA:

We ensure your users can continue to be productive even when connectivity with the Exchange environment is lost.

Find out how we can support your move to Office 365:
Download the Mimecast Office 365 – Solution brief >> 

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