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Mimecast Unified Email Management

Fully integrated cloud-based email security, continuity and archiving that provides end-to-end control of email, mitigates email risks and reduces infrastructure complexity.

Mimecast removes spam and malware threats before they reach your network and enforces email content policies and secure communication methods to protect sensitive data. All inbound, outbound and internal email is stored in a resilient and secure archive in accordance with centrally managed retention policies.

Unique integration with Outlook and SharePoint offers users a bottomless mailbox and uninterrupted email should your corporate email systems fail. All service functionality is managed from a single administration console with no additional on-premise hardware required, significantly reducing the overall complexity of managing your email.

The Mimecast UEM platform is tightly integrated with Office 365. This enables us to both support customers moving to Office 365 and to improve the email management experience for those already enjoying the benefits of Office 365. Read more >>

Unified Email Management (UEM) Express

Mimecast UEM Express is a secure, uninterrupted email service. As well as keeping messages from the last 58 days, it also offers a host of features to enable you and your users to gain maximum value from this service, including:

*  All the features of Mimecast Email Security
*  All features of Mimecast Email Continuity
*  Fully integrated email continuity service for Outlook and BlackBerry users
*  Mobile access to 58 day archive from iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Windows Tablet and Android devices
*  Web browser access to live and archived email from Mimecast Personal Portal
*  Centrally-enabled secure email features that users can assign to messages in Outlook

Mimecast Services for Outlook includes real time continuity failover, and offers access to 58 days’ worth of sent and received emails.

Mobile apps are included as standard for all your users, enabling access to stored email messages from mobile devices and email continuity for your BlackBerry smartphone users.

Mimecast UEM Enterprise

Mimecast UEM Enterprise customers enjoy of all of the features offered by Mimecast UEM Express, with the additional benefit of enabling access to your entire set of historical email, and all email going forward, from Outlook, smartphones, tablets and web browsers as a standard part of the service.

*  All the features of Mimecast UEM Express
*  A perpetual cloud email archive
*  Granular compliance tools for email retention and eDiscovery
*  Legal hold and litigation support tools

For end users Mimecast Services for Outlook will support the full suite of capability, including access to their entire personal archive of email, unlimited email storage and uninterrupted access to live email from Outlook, or their mobile device.


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