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Network and Application Performance Assessment

Are you experiencing network and business-critical application performance problems? Do you know what non-business traffic is running in your network that can potentially impact the performance of important applications and cause bad user experience?

Infosec Cloud BC360 Traffic Analysis provides on-site network traffic assessment complete with a detailed report. We’ll help you identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies and recreational traffic on your network.

With an accurate picture of network traffic, you are then ready to optimise network bandwidth and application performance.


The network and application performance assessment is conducted over a short time period (normally about seven days) on a production network with typical load, congestion and diversity of traffic.

During a network and application performance analysis, a Blue Coat PacketShaper is installed inline on the production network in Watch Mode. In this configuration, the PacketShaper automatically discovers, classifies and measures network applications, providing application-intelligent Layer 7+ visibility, without interfering with network operations.

PacketShaper validates common protocols and tracks what happens to each connection established by each application.

PacketShaper also breaks down traffic per application and per site at a granular level, recording peak and average utilisation rates, bytes transmitted, availability, utilization, top talkers/listeners, network efficiency and much more.

 Don’t upgrade your bandwidth – without analysing your network traffic first!

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The data generated from the assessment is used to create a custom Infosec Cloud BC360 Traffic Analysis Report. The report provides detailed data about the types of traffic and the performance of various applications found in your networks, your network efficiency and utilisation rates.

Report data includes the top 10 classes of inbound and outbound traffic, the percentage of retransmitted network traffic and bandwidth consumption rates. The report includes numerous graphs and charts to help you better understand the data generated from the network and application assessment.

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