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October 2014 Update

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5 million Gmail addresses and passwords dumped

It seems as though every few weeks there is a sensational story about a data breach or password dump, and the recent dump of 5 million Gmail addresses and passwords could signal the opening of a new wave of phishing campaigns.

What makes this large-scale phishing opportunity stand out are the brand (Google) and the source of the emails and passwords.

Google has confirmed that the data set was not leaked as a result of a breach, and data checks by Google and others indicate that the addresses and passwords may have come from other sites where email addresses were required for usernames. Smart attackers will use this in two ways. First, they may take the email address and password dump to test accounts across the web for password reuse; second, they can phish users of Gmail and Google Apps using the fear generated when the password dump was published. Proofpoint research published in The Human Factor shows that account warnings are one of the three most effective templates employed by phishing campaigners.

Even worse, not only does this password dump make an easy start for phishing campaigns, but it adds to the arsenal of approaches that attackers have at their disposal – such as the LinkedIn email leakage described by Brian Krebs – for building lists of email addresses for more targeted spear phishing attacks.

Users should prepare for more phishing, similar to the quality and structure as reported by Proofpoint in the past. Other precautions include practicing good password hygiene, changing passwords regularly, and avoiding password re-use. Those worried that their emails are in the dump can check a site created to check for such exposure here. Proofpoint sees over 7 billion emails every week and events like the email and password dump are easy events for attackers to leverage in phishes.

FREE network application activity assessment

Our cloud-based reporting and analytical service can reveal surprising details about how your Wide Area Network (WAN) and Internet connections are used.

What’s involved? We simply deploy a Blue Coat PacketShaper appliance in your network (takes 30 minutes or less) and then, at the conclusion of a data collection period, typically seven days, we use cloud service to perform the analysis of the network traffic.

What do I get? You will receive a detailed, twelve-page report with critical visibility into:

* Root causes of poor application performance
* Bandwidth consumed by recreational or non-business applications and the performance impact on business-critical applications
* Causes of peak or “bursty” bandwidth consumption and its effects on other traffic
* Amount of bulk application traffic that would benefit from WAN optimisation
* Use and prevalence of social media applications
* Network traffic and utilisation patterns

 Email [email protected] to book your assessment.

Instant Online Scan

Run a free instant vulnerability scan for Laptops and Desktops — use the cloud to scan anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Click here to complete a short form and you will be redirected to the launch scan page.

Upgrade your Endpoint Protection – free swap-out plus £3000 warranty!

Comodo Endpoint Security Manager 3 provides proactive Endpoint security and protection with integrated system resource management, monitoring and remediation.

For example, if you are using an existing technology and want more protection, we will cover the remainder of the licence for up to 12 months, as long as you buy a Comodo licence between 12 and 60 months.

Click here to visit our Comodo webpage – or watch this short video:



Plus Comodo is the ONLY Endpoint Security solution on the market that offers a £3000 warranty that you remain 100% virus and malware free.

If your machines are compromised while using the Comodo technology for endpoint protection then Comodo security experts will investigate and will pay up to £3000 for remediation.

Find Out More – call 01256 379970 or email [email protected]

Office 365  – see our new plans

Discounted UK subscription plans and free migration

Our new Office 365 SMB and Enterprise plans are exactly the same as those found on the Microsoft website and hosted in the same Microsoft data centres – but with 4 major benefits – making Infosec Cloud the number one choice to purchase your Office 365 service:

1. Pricing – you can choose any option with either monthly billing or annual upfront payments. Our pricing includes significant discounts over Microsoft and other Office 365 providers

2. Monthly Billing with no annual contracts – all of our monthly contracts are exactly that, you are billed each month and if you wish to cancel we simply require 60 days’ notice. No catches. No penalties.

3. Free Migration – all of our Office 365 solutions include Free Migration, set up assistance and on boarding as standard at no extra cost.

4. 24x7x365 Support (phone, email, chat & online) – included as standard and even better you won’t need to call Microsoft for support.

Click here to view all our Microsoft Office 365 business plans and costs.

Attend a free Aerohive webinar – claim your free WiFi Access Point!

Tips on securing your Wi-Fi users and devices
Thursday 23rd October, 11am BST

The webinar is for IT professionals looking to learn, implement or expand wireless networks in their organisation.

The webinar will cover:

* The types of wireless LAN authentication methods available today, there are more than you think…

* How to apply unique security policies to different types of users or devices, such as internal, guest or BYOD

* Protect your network from harmful applications

* How to prepare for the ‘Internet of Things’

Click here to register

Qualified attendees will receive a free Aerohive WiFi access point!*

Qualification Criteria


Challenge us to improve your existing IT security and productivity services (and reduce your costs) –  call us today on 01256 379970 or email: [email protected]


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  •  Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) solution

  • Tokenless Strong Authentication (MFA)

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