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Phishing Email Competition

If your Phishing Email makes our top 20 list - we'll send you a £10 Amazon Gift Voucher.

Send us your Phishing Emails!

Throughout October, National Cyber Security Awareness Month, we’re building a list of the top 20 Phishing Emails that are currently making the rounds.

We plan to publish the list and send to our customers and contacts to help keep them informed and vigilant.

We’d appreciate your help.

Please send us copies of recent, suspicious emails and we’ll compile a list of the top 20 to share with you. And if your example Phishing Email is one of the top 20 (the first time we see it) we’ll send you a £10 Amazon Gift Voucher.

Please send us example phishing emails, by the end of October, using this short form >>

And don’t worry we won’t click on the links 🙂

If you’re concerned about your IT End Users clicking on malicious emails:
Check out our End User Security Awareness Training and Testing service >>

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