Infosec Cloud Launches V-Scan, Regular Vulnerability Scanning Services

Vulnerability Assessments have been a staple part of our IT professional services lineup for years. We’ve always viewed Vulnerability Scanning as an essential part of maintaining a strong security posture, as without it, everything else you have in place won’t fully protect you. In the past however, this meant working with a third-party consultant to conduct a once-in-time assessment of your infrastructure. One-off vulnerability assessments do not accommodate for any new vulnerabilities that are picked up through system or web application changes, misconfigurations and zero-day threats. To regularly ensure that you are free from vulnerabilities, you would need to run multiple one-off assessments. This is not time-efficient, cost-effective or realistic for any organisation, regardless of size or resource. These limitations therefore made Vulnerability Scanning an annual exercise for many companies which is no longer enough to stay secure against the multiplying threats of today.

With this in mind, we have created V-Scan, a Vulnerability Assessment solution that is available in two forms. V-Scan provides your organisation with regular visibility of vulnerability exposure at a much more affordable cost compared to traditional Vulnerability Assessments. V-Scan will also save your organisation the countless hours it can take to outline your infrastructure, schedule a scan and digest the information in your reports.

Vulnerability Scanning Service Options

On-demand Vulnerability Scanning

V-Scan powered by AppCheck

On-demand Vulnerability Scanning. Gain access to your own portal and configurations to schedule, run, report, remediate and redo your own Vulnerability Scans. Powered by the industry-leading AppCheck platform, V-Scan puts you in control of detecting weaknesses in your infrastructure and web applications; where more threats are arising and not commonly included in regular scans. Support options are also available, where you can speak to our experts about your vulnerabilities and receive guidance on resolving them. V-Scan is a complete Vulnerability Assessment solution that is far more efficient and cost effective than traditional Vulnerability Scans.

To celebrate the launch of V-Scan, Infosec Cloud are offering a Free Vulnerability Scan alongside a demonstration of the platform.

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Monthly Vulnerability Scanning

V-Scan Monthly Vulnerability Scanning

Monthly Vulnerability Scanning across your IP’s with monthly reports. V-Scan Monthly Vulnerability Scanning is a lighter, lower cost option that provides great value. V-Scan has unmatched coverage, emulating the process of a manual penetration test to provide full coverage of the OWASP Top 10, zero-day vulnerabilities and 100,000+ known security flaws by interrogating CVE database. Monthly reports allow you to regularly stay on top of the weaknesses in your network, providing much greater protection compared to one-off Vulnerability Scans. Simply provide your IP’s and the rest is setup for you. V-Scan is also fully scalable, should you need to expand.

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