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GRC 3rd Party Risk Manager

How compliant are your Third Party Suppliers?

If you are tired of complex ‘top heavy’ solutions to manage the process, then help is at hand. The 3GRC portal can transform your third party programme so you know exactly how compliant your suppliers are, and you minimise the threat of non-compliance.

You will receive all the information you need in a controlled and timely manner, and know exactly the compliance status of your entire eco-system, minimising the threat of non-compliance and the impact of supply-chain cyber attacks.

Stop relying on cumbersome spreadsheets and traditional static file shares.

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Manage and control your third-party partner, supplier and internal relationships
possible information security and data management risks
due diligence and ensure regulatory compliance

3GRC Risk Manager Benefits:

Automated Risk Register

Eliminate time consuming, manual processes that are heavily reliant on spreadsheets and automate regular follow-ups with your 3rd parties and internal contacts.

Customisable Surveys

It’s easy to create customised, tiered assessment methodologys, building from the included best practice survey templates, providing contextual risk scoring.

Collaboration Tools

By using the Portal’s cloud-based collaboration tools (including a messenger function) you can manage continuous compliance activities, and securely share and access the surveys and reports.

Plus everything is tracked and available for auditing purposes.

Key Features:

*  5×5 Risk Measurement (Impact vs Likelihood)
*  Multiple Choice Answers to Questions Linked to Risks – Consistent Responses Across Multiple Suppliers
*  Automated Risk Register – Consistent Risk Impact Scoring
*  Pre-defined Risk and Survey Templates Including ISO27001, ISO22301, ISO8001, ISO9001, SYSC8, SOX, PCI and more
*  Importing of Bespoke Questionnaires
*  Secure Cloud Portal With Safe Harbour or IL3 Hosting Options
*  Dashboards and Reporting – Demonstrate Risk Mitigation

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No more spreadsheets. No more tedious data capture. No more waiting for reports.

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