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PwC Annual Law Firms’ Survey 2017

Date: Nov 2, 2017

Category: Blog

The recently published 2017 PwC Law Firms Survey highlights the growing importance of Information Security at all law firms due to the increasing number of security incidents being experienced across the sector.

In addition to adequate defences, there is a need for detailed, robust and well-tested business continuity plans (BCP) and crisis management procedures to ensure that if an attack penetrates the firm’s defences, the organisation is able to respond appropriately, contain the event and return to full operations as quickly as possible.

Risk Highlights:

*  Risk management, and particularly information security, has been thrust into the limelight in the past six months with an increasing number of incidents of loss and two global ransomware attacks which affected a broad range of organisations, including law firms. Over 60% of all law firms reported suffering some form of security incident during the last year.

*  There is an increasing need for boards to be equipped with appropriate risk management and business resilience frameworks to effectively manage risks across the firm and respond accordingly in the event that security is breached.

*  The most common security incidents continue to be phishing attacks. 12% of firms claim to be recipients of such attacks on a daily basis with a further 30% identifying attacks on either a weekly or monthly basis.

Download the PwC Survey Report >>

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